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About Us~

Lyn Davis & 'Jazz'

'WindRose Cockers'

It started with a dream, & a little Red/White cocker named 'Sasha'.
In 1976 Marilyn Nance [Brinker] of 'Willwyn Kennels'
gave me this beautiful little girl
and ever since I have been involved with this little sporting dog....

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the shadows of
two volcanoes Mt. Hood and Mt.St.Helens.
We are a small hobby kennel,
breeding only one litter a year.
Each planned breeding is carefully researched for
health,temperament, and breed standard before a breeding ever occurs.

Our goal is to have healthy, loving puppies
of the sporting type that can win in the show ring,
work all day in the field and watch TV by your side!!!

A family dog that has a zest for life.
To this end we offer a health guarantee on all puppies born
at 'WindRose'

We are proud of our breeding program
and it all started with a dream...

I'm also a member of both FVCSF and ASC

Lynette Davis




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